PLATI released a series of new skateboard designs from January 2022. They are used for new range of upgraded Complete Skateboards A1 and PLATI tech decks S1.

To continue our storytelling features, we carefully crafted all the details to pass the messages accurately.

<Puppet Arrow Of Words>

The puppet escaped to the arid desert after countless malicious attacks. He was unable to express his opinion without vilification and fear. People took pleasure in their ignorance and provocation. He didn’t deserve the pain. In a distant place, an angel was waiting for him, looking for him, offering him safety in the isolated landscape. In the vastness and beauty of the desert is the revelation of diversity and acceptance.

“Puppet Arrow Of Words” Complete Skateboard


<Puppet Fast Moving Love>

Has our modern era killed true love? Memories are buried in the rush for new desire. Movie ticket stubs and old photos placed in a shoebox under the bed, collect dust. As the rose wilts so do the memories. As the flowers die, new buds form. Partners are dispensable. ‘Forever’ becomes a whimsical term. In a fast-paced world, keep up. We adapt, we build walls, we move on. Do you still believe in love?

“Puppet Fast Moving Love” Complete Skateboard

<Puppet Information Cell>

This puppet is self-detained in an information cell. The gas mask does little to protect him from the viruses. The laser beams deflect off the computer chip flooring making it difficult for the puppet to advance. Data corrupts his brain. He gave me a one-star review? He left my messages on open? Should I swipe left or right? Oh! This puppet is in a popular streaming room. Let’s feed him more “LIKE”s!

“Puppet Information Cell” Complete Skateboard

<Puppet Follow Your Soul>

The puppet broke free from the rope, the remnants of broken thread hang off his back. There is a glow shining behind him into this dark room. His footsteps leave traces of luminescence on the floor. He is drawn into the mouse trap with a voice message on it.

It’s a limited edition design of our main designer’s authentic style. There are times when you have not been true to yourself, your intuitive voice was drowned and you deviated from your soul’s path. Be faithful to yourself. It is uncomfortable but it is right.

PLATI Puppet follow your soul skateboard