“Puppet Fast Moving Love” Complete Skateboard A1

Resin-7 ply Canadian Maple Deck, 8.125'
Resin-7 ply Canadian Maple Deck, 8.125'

$160.00 $112.00

In today’s era, do you still believe in love? We buried memories and rushed to a new desire. The movie ticket stubs are left in the paper box. Our old photos are sandwiched in the book. They are all left traces of time, just like the blooming and withering roses. One person after another is on our side, repeating this cycle. “Forever” is just a word on a whim. But is this our fault?  Everything in this era is fast moving. We had some breakdowns in love, we began to be more protective, and gradually adapted to this rhythm. So, do you still believe in love?

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PLATI Complete Skateboards A1 are top quality complete skateboards, made by one of the world-leading skateboard factories. Resin-7 ply Canadian maple wood deck is durable with great pop. Gravity casting hollow truck is strong and light at the same time. And with all other top-quality components, these boards can support you very well from starting skateboarding to landing advanced tricks. We sell them at a very competitive price with similar level of products in the market.


Size 31.5”x8.125”
Deck Resin-7 ply Canadian maple wood deck
Trucks PLATI “All About Attitude” Trucks

5.25″ Gravity Casting

Light weight with hollow kingpin & axle

Bearings ABEC-11
Graphic Print Heat transfer printing
Bushing SHR90A
Wheels Conical 102A, 52 x 32mm
Griptape Perforated HS780 grip tape
T-tool Free T-tool is included in the package