“Puppet Suicide” Graphic Protection Deck S1

6 ply Canadian Maple + 1 ply Graphic Protection Bottom Layer
6 ply Canadian Maple + 1 ply Graphic Protection Bottom Layer


The puppet is trying to kill himself, destroyed by the verbal abuse from his father. There are a lot he wants to share but no one really wants to listen, not even his closest friends and family. Life is busy. We send messages through the internet. Personal cues are lost. Tone, body language, touch is vital. Memories are stored as digital photos or chat logs, whether it’s good or bad, it’s fleeting. Beyond social media, we need more sincere conversations to make it worthy of nostalgia.


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We are fiercely proud of our graphic designs. Huge time has gone into the intricate details of each drawing. Graphic Protection Deck Series communicates a concept while maintaining the integrity of the overall visual effect. If you love using your board, the image will be scratched and distorted after several uses.

Our graphic protection deck S1 uses 6 layers of Canadian maple wood and 1 layer of fibreglass coating for the base. This increases the durability, gives the board more pop, faster slide, and makes it light and thin therefore enhancing overall performance.

Deck Sizes:

Size Length Wheel base
7.75 31.13 14.02
8.00 32.00 14.02
8.125 31.50 14.02
8.25 32.00 14.25
8.50 32.25 14.53


  • All styles of street and park skating
  • 6 ply Canadian Maple + 1 ply Fiberglass Graphic Protection
  • Matt finish graphics
  • Resin Glue
  • Full Concave
  • Light Weight and Extra Durable
  • Free PLATI perforated grip tape (ungripped)


Additional information

deck size

8.0, 8.25