“Because I am often thrust forward by various pressures, often unable to make decisions that follow my heart, and feel like a weak puppet with emotions,” says our main designer @juan_mufa. She created a series of ‘Puppet Skateboards’, which takes a beautifully brutal look at modern disparities between power and vulnerability. The dark motifs wish to connect us through the deep feelings we can’t put into words. “I want to use the manipulated puppets as a carrier or vessel to reflect the living conditions of disempowered modern people.”

Based on this idea, we created three skateboards “Puppet Suicide”, “Puppet Bloody Sea”&”Puppet Imprisoned” to indicate some obvious problems in modern society and the changes these problems have imposed upon so many people’s living conditions. Such as Social Dilemma and Information Cocoons, Teenager Mental Health, or Political Health.

Spiralled into an emotional abyss, we are searching for more conversation with people who express feelings.

Squared Puppet Suicide

“Puppet Suicide” is a mesmerising and deliberate design to support the mental health of our generation. It’s common to feel lonely, and to feel like no one is listening. The pressure to do better, do more, and be more, is a sickness of society. Rather than disguise these feelings behind closed doors and fake smiles, we reconcile hope with art and physical activity.


Squared Puppet Bloody Sea

“Puppet Bloody Sea” is the second in our Puppet Series skateboards. Puppet Bloody Sea depicts the aftermath. A point in time after the Puppet died and his blood flooded the city. He said goodbye to ASDF (angry, sullen, depressed and frustrated). His vivid remains wash over the peaks of the city’s skyscrapers, leaving a lasting imprint behind.


Squared Puppet Imprisoned

“Puppet Imprisoned”, evokes dialogue about politics in our era. Today’s world is wrapped in lies. Illogical politics, fake news, conflicting positions, and profit-driven motivation controls, we are imprisoned and must escape.