Many people will wonder, what is the connection between a skateboard and an umbrella? Both items match our idea “save every lost human”. Obviously, many skateboarders hone their skills and in doing so, forget all the pressures in life, forget the unfairness of society, and enjoy the freedom of skateboarding. And umbrellas directly saved those people who were blocked by wind and heavy rain from going to their destination.

A simple question will be: what does PLATI make? Are you a skateboarding brand? What is your brand?

To be very honest, this is a question I’m still asking myself too. Time will reveal all.

On the one hand, no matter what we make, we will always aim to make the best products. We’ve been testing the skateboards in the past months and making improvements. Meanwhile we set the price  to be very fair for our consumers. On the other hand, we contiune exploring PLATI’s spiritual core “Save Every Lost Human”. Then the type of products become less important based on this ethos, we merge soulful products with humanity.

We hope to give PLATI umbrellas more spiritual value and connections. So, we brought these two umbrellas to a variety of countries and into different lives. We listen to their stories and unwrap their journey. I hope when you get this umbrella, you will remember its experiences, and feel that this umbrella isn’t just an item, it’s alive and has experienced the vicissitudes of life. Then you will no longer feel lonely, but a part of the PLATI community. We save the lost, we heal this fragile world.

In the future, we will have more objects that conform to this concept. I hope you will continue to explore and save the world with us.