“PLATI This Summer” Tech Deck S2 Carbon Fibre New 7+1

7 ply Canadian Maple + 1 ply Carbon Fibre Top Layer
7 ply Canadian Maple + 1 ply Carbon Fibre Top Layer


The lonely person who wanders in this world, the dry branches, the scorching sunset, and the dream that is dyed red by the sunset on the way.


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The TechDeck series will use the latest technology to give the skateboard decks excellent performance and the maximum durability. They provide the best support for pro skateboarders. These decks will also inherit our aesthetic system and brand cultures.

TechDeck S2 uses our manufacturer’s latest carbon fibre technology, adding one more layer of wood compared to S1 series, comes to 7 ply maple plus 1 ply carbon fibre. While still maintaining the feeling of a traditional skateboard deck, it has more pop and longer durability than S1 series. 

After a long term testing, the shape of the decks are also amended to meet most skaters’ preferences. With wider nose and medium concave, the decks are more comfortable to ride and land most of your favourite tricks.

Deck Sizes:

Size Length Wheel base
7.75 31.13 14.02
8.00 32.00 14.02
8.125 31.50 14.02
8.25 32.00 14.25
8.50 32.25 14.53


  • All styles of street and park skating
  • 7 ply Canadian Maple + 1 ply Carbon Fibre Top layer
  • Resin Glue
  • Medium Concave 
  • Light Weight and Extra Durable
  • Free PLATI perforated grip tape (ungripped)


Additional information

deck size

8.0, 8.25, 8.5