PLATI The Code of Our Spirits Umbrella

Auto Open and Close, windproof, 210T Pongee
Auto Open and Close, windproof, 210T Pongee

$30.00 $21.00

The string of codes represents the original compassion of the human spirit.

Who will provide you with shelter when you are helpless? We need that small, safe corner to give us security in moments of vulnerability.

Standing in the heavy rain, we feel misplaced. Blocking us from moving forward. Meeting friends, maybe a first date, or working hard to complete another step towards attaining our dream.

We support you. We will protect you in the wind and the rain.

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Type Automatic open and close 3 fold umbrella
Size 23 inch, 8K
Frame 2 section fiberglass, 1 section aluminum
Tips Metal tips
Shaft Metal shaft
Fabric 210T Pongee
Handle Plastic handle
Top Self top with plastic ferrule
Print Digital print