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PLATI Sponsorship Program

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Everyone is uniquely made.


First of all, we are grateful that you love PLATI. Through our program we wish to encourage you to make progress, gain confidence and build our positive community.

However, sponsorship doesn’t just mean FREE products. Sponsorship means the value you can contribute for us, is equivalent to the products or services we can give you.

Please maintain the basic etiquette of communication, we refuse to cooperate with people who are disrespectful. We encourage you to keep your amazing personality and be super real, but it doesn’t mean you can be crude or derogatory – that’s not cool.

If you are under 16 years old, we may need your guardian’s permission for the collaboration.

We aim to establish a long-term and sustainable community.


THATKID Skateboarding Team Program

THATKID is our skateboarding team filled with passion and love. We welcome outstanding, talented, and creative skaters to join our team. However, we have limited capacity in our team, so unsuccessful applicants will be put on our waitlist.

To apply please send below information to info@plati.com.au or direct message our Instagram account @plati.com.au:

  • Your birthday(d/m/y)/location
  • At least 5 of your recent best clips
  • How long have you been skateboarding and how to describe your style?
  • Why do you like PLATI? (We assume you do)
  • Your deck/wheel sizes and other equipment requirements

To apply you must meet following criteria:

  • A public Instagram account (TikTok account is optional)
  • Able to film and send HD/60 quality videos
  • For Melbourne team members, must be able to attend some of our team events.
  • Skills to land at least 3 of 5 tricks listed in one category below:


  1. Ollie 10 stairs
  2. A flip trick down 5 standard stairs
  3. A flip trick down a drop more than 1 meter
  4. Boardslide a down rail bigger than 5 stairs
  5. A grind or slide trick on a down ledge


  1. Clean 50-50, feeble, and smith
  2. Big frontside air
  3. FS/BS Disaster
  4. Another grind or slide trick
  5. One of the tricks listed on the street part

*You also have to show us a nice line of more than 30s in a bowl


  1. Big air above the vert ramp
  2. Rock n Roll
  3. BS or FS 50-50
  4. Fakie Ollie
  5. Another grind and slide trick

*You also have to show us a nice line of more than 30s in a vert ramp

Once your application is approved, your duties will be:

  1. Add “team rider of @plati.com.au” to your public social media’s bio. Tag and mention @plati.com.au in all your skateboarding related posts from this point.
  2. Send us at least 8 different good quality clips and no less than 120s in total riding PLATI skateboards each month.
  3. Make at least 4 post/stories mentioned @plati.com.au or @thatkidplati on your public social media each month.
  4. Wear PLATI clothes on skateboarding public events (competitions/team events)
  5. Give us permission to use your photos/videos on our social media.
  6. For Melbourne members, you must attend our team events at least once per 3 months.
  7. For our storytelling feature, you are encouraged to share clips of your memorable moments.

If you can’t complete your duty in that month without any irresistible reasons, your sponsorship benefits will be suspended in the next month. If you can’t complete your duty for 3 straight months, we will suspend your sponsorship.

However, we will be supportive to every team member.

What you will get:

  • PLATI welcome package including a skateboard of your selection.
  • Replacement of a fresh deck each month due to breakage.
  • Free PLATI apparels for representing the brand.
  • Further 20% off discount code with your name on all PLATI products for your family and friends only.
  • Free entry to THATKID team events and PLATI sponsored events
  • Get more exposure of yourself with our social media campaign budget.


PLATI Talents Collaboration Policies

PLATI welcomes everyone who has talents to use your talents to redeem our products. We love the talents such as art design, photography, modelling, music production, video editing, storytelling, vlogs, Influencers, etc.

To apply please send below information to info@plati.com.au or direct message our Instagram account @plati.com.au:

  • What are your talents and what do you plan to do for PLATI?
  • What do you want from PLATI for return?
  • Attach some proofs for your talents (proof for the ownership of influencer’s account in that case)
  • How long it takes for you to complete the job?


  • All committed works should be completed within the time frame negotiated.
  • All the committed works must be completed with promised quantity and quality.

OK, relax and enjoy working with us. We are nice people if you are.



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